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hot men and whiskey = perfection

The following article is a preview of me at the party I'm going to tonight:

Jack Daniel's
Sip it. Pound it. Mix it. It's place in rock remains the same
By Slash

The coolest rock stars I'd ever seen in pictures always had a bottle of Jack Daniel's. There is a picture of Keith Richards getting out of a limo with Patti Hansen - bottle of Jack in his hand. There is a great old picture of Robert Plant and Jimmy Page on an airplane looking really stoned, with Page holding a bottle of Jack. And there is a picture of Aerosmith in their heyday - a bottle of Jack Daniel's on their drum riser. When you're a kid, you look through rock magazines, and if you see somebody you like doing the same thing you're doing, you go, "Oh cool, I'm doing the right thing." I started drinking Jack as soon as I could afford it. I'd get to the studio at noon and have a Jack and coffee. Then it was straight up at night. Eventually, it was just shots. There was actually a point where all I needed in my life, besides my guitar, was cigarettes and Jack Daniel's. Even to this day, it's on my tour rider, and every year for my birthday that's all I get from everyone: Jack Daniel's and cigarettes. I don't drink as much anymore; I've sort of eliminated the whole daytime drinking thing. But I still like my Jack and Coke at night. Jack's great. But remember one thing: Qaaludes and Jack Daniel's really don't mix.
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